Friday, 12 November 2010

PKP Undercover

Undercover Boss is a reality show that originated in Britain in 2009 and has spread to the United States and Australia.

Heads of companies trade their comfy executive offices for a week of ground-level jobs, including ball park washroom maintenance, installing satellite dishes, inspecting bananas.  
So how do you think billionaire PKP would do as a heavily disguised Undercover Boss for a week in the trenches on the Sun Media side of his Quebecor empire?

How would he fare as a multi-tasking reporter, photographer, videographer or editor?

Could he survive a day selling ads? How about soliciting newspaper subscriptions? Pressroom duties? Distributing his product to stores, newspaper boxes, houses?

Would he have empathy for any of the employees while working undercover?

Would he come to the conclusion all is not right in his media kingdom and make amends?

It will never happen, but that is one episode we'd view with great anticipation.


  1. Sorry, don't think we'll ever see the day that happens. Don't think he'd be able to disguise himself enough.

  2. I'd pay good money to see him try to be a reporter for a day.

    Wonder how many points he'd make in a day? Don't forget to Tweet and make a video as well PKP!

  3. I've actually thought of that myself while watching the show. PKP would have to be pretty heavily disguised for a lot of people to not recognize him (myself included), but I would love to see how it panned out.

    One can wish, right?

  4. The PERFECT place to play Undercover Boss: The Journal de Montreal. Just sayin' ...

  5. At the end of the show when employees are called in, he would reveal his true identity and then reward the surprised employee with one week's worth of free bonus points. In the little epilogue vignettes that roll at the end of the show, we would see..... "John got his free bonus points..... today he's got one less reporter in his newsroom and is looking forward to a new career out of journalism"

  6. I don't think he'd last a day.

  7. Who would watch that show? Show opens with a bunch of demoralized, dejected droans answering the one phone in the building. Cut to editorial dept, one reporter running to get the video posted of the cat that had kittens at the foodbank, posts it to the web and types it to be sent to India for a headline check. Cut to press room, paper prints before any sports scores come 10pm figuring Leafs will lose headline reads " Leafs almost Win...we think game is still going on" Cut to the reader picking up the paper, three hours late because of course it's printed at a state of the art printing plant 4 hours away, can't really read it due to the tissue paper it's printed on. Cut to PKP standing on the steps of Yonge St wondering where all the money went. Must be the employees that are slacking, "fire them all or lock them out, I can do better myself!" ya great show if the boss really cares and would wants to change, ours WILL NOT! Not reality you say, only fiction? any truth to this story? You judge.

  8. The newsroom managers in my building, the ones who spend every day in offices 20 feet away from me and assign and edit when the competent people are away, see no problem in requiring reporters to file 10 stories a day, a briefs pack, photos and video plus web updates and breaking news, reasoning that any job they don't know how to do themselves must be easy. I'm sure a managerial genius such as PKP would find the workload appallingly light and immediately find ways to increase it.

  9. better yet, lets see a program if PKP can land a job because if it was not for his daddy he would be a regular bloke but with an inflated ego