Thursday, 18 November 2010

TorSun & gays

Xtra!, a Canadian website for gays and lesbians, has posted a four-decade recap of what it says is the Toronto Sun's vendetta against homosexuals.

From the homophobic 1970s, with Sun columnist Claire Hoy raising the ire of the homosexual masses, to the Sun's recent Mr. Leatherhead front page.

The first person to post a response to the long list of Sun vs gays examples, says:

"I'm sure something anti-gay was printed in the Star in the 1960's as well. Where's your outrage on that? The Sun is not the gay hating rag it used to be. Xtra! needs to lighten up."

We are sure openly-gay Sue-Ann Levy, the Sun's veteran city hall columnist  who is in a lesbian marriage, would agree the tabloid has grown out of its homophobic roots.

Perhaps Sue-Ann will consider commenting on the Xtra! posting in a column, having written columns about her coming out and her marriage. 

What is the sexual orientation mood at 333 these days, Sue-Ann? And does the Xtra! site speak for  Canada's gay and lesbian community?

We remember the mood of the 1970s, when there was a tangible hatred of the Sun among gays and union members. You would think the mood at 333 has since mellowed now that there are employees who are openly gay and, gasp, union members on the payroll.


  1. You really don't expect Sue-Anne to comment do you? Not only is she drinking the Sun/Quebecor 'kool-aid', she's one of the 'chefs'!!

  2. Just posted a comment on the Xtra website. But thanks for the compliment Anonymous.

  3. You know, at Jonestown they didn't actually drink Kool Aid, it was the less popular Flavor Aid that was mixed with cyanide. So the expression really should be "Drinking the Flavor Aid" though I guess that doesn't have the same ring to it

  4. Wow. You'd think that since the punch was their final meal, they could've splurged a little. I hope that at least the cyanide was brand name.

  5. Interesting about Sue-Ann, she was closeted for years and did not come out until there was an election to potentially win. Also, there were gays at the sun in the bad old days writing for the entertainment section...Another thing Sue-Ann: It was the bad old left that you castigate at regular intervels who fought for years so that you could have the wedding that Christina Blizzard attended.