Thursday, 25 November 2010

Blades trophy

For a Battle of the Blades finale that left CBC viewers gasping, the smashing of the trophy into small pieces when it fell to the ice got little play in print media. 

The show came to an end with skaters rounding up pieces of the trophy, which fell to the ice while being carried by co-winner Ekaterina Gordeeva.  

There is no sound, but you can catch see the final 2 1/2 minutes of  the Monday night finale in this YouTube clip.

We didn't read anything about the smashing of the trophy in the Sun, Star or Globe  print editions on Tuesday, but it might have been mentioned in replates.

The best line found online came from Gordeeva's ice partner and fellow Russian Valerie Bure, who said it was a Russian custom to smash glass trophies for good luck.

TV says the trophy mishap was cut from the west coast feed. 

So how much did it cost to make the trophy and will it be replaced?

Just asking.

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