Friday, 10 December 2010

2011 Heroes coin

Pete Fisher, Sun Media's tireless Highway of Heroes photographer and promoter, can take another bow after the Royal Canadian Mint announced a 2011 Highway of Heroes collector coin will be minted. 

On hearing the news Tuesday, Fisher, who works the Cobourg/Port Hope area at Northumberland Today, wrote this letter of acknowledgment:

"I've sat here for about an hour, going over this email, hoping not to forget anyone. Please don't hate me if I have. It's been an emotional day . . . believe me, it's been an emotional day.

"Let me first give thanks to the people who helped make this happen. The first and foremost goes to Caroline McIntosh. I've never met her, but have talked to her regularly on the phone. She has always been there and I can't believe the effort she's put forth for this . . . simply put, amazing. 

"Joe Warmington said in the first column about this, that I'm a take no prisoner's type of person. Well, I can say that Caroline is the same. I cannot thank her enough for what she has done. Her effort has been nothing short of fantastic. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"Joe Warmington from the Toronto Sun. Joe kicked this off with his column. He's always been a strong supporter of Canada's military. He's a great friend and has always been there for me. Thank you Joe.

"To Hector Mcmillan, Mayor of the Municipality of Trent Hills. Words simply aren't enough. I first talked to Hector about this when I was in Campbellford covering the Legion story. Immediately he gave his support. I can certainly say, without his efforts this would not have happened.

"To Linda Thompson, Gil Brocanier, and Sue from the Municipalities of Port Hope, Cobourg and LaSalle. Thank you for standing up and supporting this. Strength was in the numbers and you were there for all the right reasons.

"To Karl Walsh of the OPPA, who has been there since the first to get Cobourg Police Constable Chris Garrett what he deserved, thank you.

"To the OPFFA/TPFFA, thank you.

"I thank both MPP Lou Rinaldi and MP Rick Norlock. I'm not a political person, but both have been extremely supportive. They have my utmost respect.

"I thank the Royal Canadian Mint. Freedom of this great country we call Canada gives us the choice of free speech. In that, it was simply a matter of opinion. I thought, along with thousands of others, that our heroes deserved this recognition. And not only them, but the people that come out to the bridges each and every time.

"To the radio stations, including Roy Green and Ted Woloshyn, who have given their support for this cause, it's been great. Thank you also to the television stations, like CHEX and Lisa MacDonald - this wouldn't have happened without their support.

"And to the paper I work for, Northumberland Publishers, they have been there since the start, willing to give their support for this cause that is so right. I can't thank them, and Cecilia, enough for writing the stories and keeping everyone informed.

"Finally, what this is all about, was doing the right thing for the heroes of this country. They shall never, ever be forgotten. And when I think about them, I think about their families. I, and we all owe them so much. 

"I have said from the start, and I will say to the end, their families are not alone, and will never be alone, I will always be there for them, and I know everyone in this email will also be there for them. I think of their sacrifice each day when I wake up, and I think of them now.

"I can't imagine what they go through, but I can at least tell them, they are not alone.

"Thank you to all (and I hope I didn't miss anything)"

Pete Fisher

Well done, Pete.

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