Friday, 10 December 2010

Noel - you're fired

A TSF tipster says another pre-Christmas Quebecor trimming, this time at Canoe.

"I heard there was more layoffs at Canoe this holiday season," the tipster writer. "At least 5 people." 

Are they alone, or have other Sun Media employees quietly left their buildings after being pink-slipped this Christmas season? We have a feeling there have been other casualties.

Meanwhile, a voluntary departure from the Welland Tribune reduces the reporting staff to three.

A tipster writes:

"Welland Tribune reporter is leaving to go into the  public sector. Government job with big pay, benefits, and pension. This will leave the Tribune with 3 reporters."


  1. Canoe aren't the only ones who are getting gassed - just last week 6 QMI Sales staff got let go although mysteriously the QMI Sales VP keeps on hiring! Is he firing to hire others? There are at least 4 Toronto Canoe staff who are either gone in the last 2 weeks (including Canoe blogger David Newland) or who have received notice that they are terminated by the 16th. Only one Canoe staffer remains from the Canoe Web Dev group who got transfered to Nurun and then Nurun in turn fired them all. This leaves @ 6 Toronto Canoe staff left and I'd be very nervous! The 24 Hours Canoe group appear to be all still in place. I'm sure there will be more before this year is out. Merry Christmas, bah humbug!

  2. They have the number wrong for the people left in Welland. With the reporter leaving there will still be five reporters.