Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Lunch casualty?

A St. Catharines Standard reader e-mailed this typo gem found online after a Port Colborne teenager was struck by a train:

The story reads:

"He was taken to Welland hospital before being airlifted to Hamilton with injuries to his food and leg."

Must have been the ham on rye he was carrying.

Editors caught the typo in updating the story.


  1. To be fair, typos have been around longer than proofreaders. I can remember a sportswriter's hasty game night 'the forward f*cked the puck between the goalie's legs' getting through a full desk in the days before computer spell check would have flagged it.

  2. Yeah, chit happens and always will.

    The Toronto Sun was always nervous about The Brick Shirt House ads.