Friday, 17 December 2010

Lifetime noms

The Canadian Journalism Foundation is requesting nominations for its 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award, an honour Doug Creighton, co-founder of the Toronto Sun, received in 2001.

Two Canadian newspaper vets who come to mind are Peter Worthington, columnist and co-founder of the Toronto Sun, and Clark Davey, formerly Globe and Mail managing editor, Vancouver Sun publisher and Ottawa Citizen publisher.  

Worthington and Davey, both named to the defunct Canadian News Hall of Fame, are in their 80s and no doubt recognized by large numbers of younger journalists as career-changing mentors.

CJF launched the award in 1996 and invites annual nominations based on:

Body of journalistic work during career;

Contribution to society through outstanding journalism; 

Contribution to the professional development of journalists;

Contribution to the professional development of fellow journalists;

Recognition and respect from peers and community
The winner will be selected by a jury and presented at the annual awards gala.

Previous recipients:
2010: Lise Bissonnette; 2009: Joe Schlesinger; 2008: Sally Armstrong; 2007: Norman Webster; 2006: Knowlton Nash; 2005: Pierre Berton (posthumous); 2004: June Callwood; 2003: Doris Anderson; 2002: Trina McQueen; 2001: Doug Creighton; 2000: Mark Starowicz; 1999: Bernard Derome; 1998: Peter C. Newman; 1997: Peter Gzowski; 1996: Robert Fulford.

CJF emphasises "commitment, integrity, passion and inspiration" in its search for an annual recipient and Doug Creighton filled those shoes quite comfortably in his decades in print media, from Toronto Telegram police reporter to president and CEO of the Sun.

The backstabbing SOBs in the boardroom who ousted Doug in 1992 couldn't shine his shoes, but that is another story.

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