Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Peter's the story

Updated 2/12/10 re Peter's column on "My date with a serial killer"

It was Clifford Olson's parole hearing, but his invited guest, Toronto Sun co-founder Peter Worthington, became the story.

How the Montreal Gazette saw Worthington's presence inside the hearing room: "Was he a journalist, or was he a serial killer's adviser."

Worthington tops that with a full column: My date with a serial killer.

He writes:

"Why I accepted this role, and why I have continued 20-plus years of talking with Olson, is easy. It was a chance to get a jump on journalistic colleagues who were trapped in another room watching events on TV.

"Also, keeping in touch with Olson was a chance to get greater insight into the thinking of a serial killer whose actions have never been fully examined. When he pleaded guilty of murder in 1982, the trial ended. No examination of the whys and wherefores."

One-upmanship, tabloid style.

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