Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bono's back

It's the op-ed page, not upfront news columns about the average guy on the street, but we'll take full columns by Mark Bonokoski any day, on any page.

The veteran Toronto Sun columnist has had several op-ed columns recently on relevant topics and his call today for Sun Media to destroy morgue photos of  Russell Williams in uniform is a must read.

A Quebecor pledge to never publish another photo of killer-rapist Williams in uniform would no doubt be widely supported by readers of Sun Media's print and online newspapers. 

As for Bono, a gem for Sun Media since the 1970s, may be continue to write columns well into his 80s, as Peter Worthington continues to do with flare.

In fact, Quote of the Week comes from Worthington, who told Clifford Olson's parole hearing: "I don't see him as the danger that other people do, but if it were up to me he would have been executed a long time ago."

Parole denied, of course. 

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