Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Best 2010 photos

Updated 31/12/10re Ottawa Sun mixed entry
The Dunlop Awards are long gone from the Sun Media landscape, but some newspapers in the chain are giving photographers an opportunity to highlight their best for 2010.

Hear, hear. Some of the photos online to date would definitely have been Dunlop contenders.

TSF has found five papers with 2010 photo highlights to date, posted by the Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Winnipeg Suns and the London Free Press.

Ottawa's mixed submission with photos snapped by

Errol McGihon, Darren Brown and Tony Caldwell.
The best of EdSun's:

Amber Bracken can be viewed here

Tom Braid can be viewed here.

Laura Pedersen can be viewed here.

Jordan Verlage can be viewed here.

The best of LFP:

Craig Glover can be viewed here.

Mike Hensen can be viewed here.

Morris Lamont can be viewed here.

Derek Ruttan can be viewed here.

Sue Reeve can be viewed here.

We'll add others if available.

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  1. Your missing one of the best from Edmonton. Amber Bracken.