Saturday, 11 December 2010

Mark's clan

Mark Stewart, an award-winning Toronto Sun cop desk vet with three young children, was 38 when he died from cancer on Nov. 18, 1995.

Mark, one of a number of Sun newsroom staffers to die before their time, had been working the police desk full-time since 1982, winning awards and the respect of colleagues, readers and police.

Colleagues considered Mark a key player in the glory years of the tabloid, sharing cop desk duties with Rob Lamberti and Lee Lamothe.

Well, just after the 15th anniversary of Mark's death, TSF received a family update from his daughter, Emma, and she said it was okay for TSF to share it with readers.

Emma, who is studying for a B.A. in Sociology, writes:

"My name is Emma. I am the second of Mark's three children who all miss him very much. A lot has changed for us in the 15 years since his death.

"We were moved to New Brunswick, where I am now in my third year of study at Saint Thomas University. My brother, Dan, is still working on healing after he was involved in a terrible car accident a little over three years back. He is slowly working away at university with interest in journalism. Teagan is in the midst of her Grade 11 year at a local high school.

"My mother, Toni, has found what she loves to do while working at Saint Thomas University - tutoring students with disabilities.

"I made it back to Toronto last summer to bury my grandparents, my father's parents, and was pleased to see a new grave marker connecting my dad to his parents. It had not been completed by the time we left, but I hope to get back next summer to view the final product.

"I am so thankful that you spent your time to compile this web page for all the families. I could never express how much it means to know that he is not forgotten.

"Thank you so much."

Thank you for your email, Emma. You, your siblings and mother are doing your father proud.

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