Tuesday, 21 December 2010

TorSun morgue

All Toronto Sun library clippings and photos must be on computer if, as a tipster reports, all of the originals are being packed and shipped to Barrie. 

"In order to make room for Sun TV in the Sun newsroom, or what’s left of it, the photo and print files are being moved to a warehouse in Barrie," says the TSF tipster.

"I don’t know if it means the Barrie Examiner building, which may have some space in their building since it used to be a Beaver Lumber building on the northern edge of this snow belt city.

"I wonder how anyone would access these files should they need something from them."

Out of sight, out of mind. 

Speaking of morgues, the Toronto Telegram's clippings spanning 95 years were dispatched to Sun staffers on request after being transferred to computer.

York University has 1.3 million Telegram prints and negatives in its library, with more than 1,000 images available online thanks to an experimental digitization project.

York breaks it down to approximately 830,000 negatives and roughly 500,000 prints.

Somehow, discarding vintage clippings and turning a massive photo library over to a university seems detached from the dedication and efforts of the legions of reporters and photographers.

Ditto for shipping Sun files and photos off to remote building for lack of space at 333.

We are talking about history.     


  1. That's nothing. An editor in Alberta just threw out archives and negatives, not thinking anyone would need them....Huh?

  2. When the Star moved from King St to One Yonge, a good half of the library contents, most particularly photos and negs, including the majority of the WWII files, went into a dumpster. That was followed up by the discovery on her retirement that one of the library staff for years had been dumping rather than refiling folders.