Monday, 13 December 2010

TorSun tabs it

Toronto Sun editors heard the recent "tab it up" call and yesterday's Sunday Sun was Exhibit A, with two exclusives from Sun vets.

Rob Lamberti's two-page spread on mobsters and Peter Worthington's latest two-page revelations from Clifford Olson were classic tabloid features.

That is one way to boost Sunday sales.


  1. Next week:
    "Don Cherry: Rob Ford is my Secret Love Child!"

    Tab enough?

  2. re: yesterday's Toronto Sunday Sun: How to kill Sunday sales:

    -Why did the paper run one photo twice?

    -Why did a half-page photo from the Saturday Maple Leafs game, printed in the news section, crop off the hockey players (?!) and leave a Tim Hortons logo front and centre?

    -Did Sun Sports finally get too many complaints about its all red-white-and-blue colour scheme? What was up with the green headlines?

    - When will Sports get rid of its amateur headline fonts and font styles?

    - Remember the days when all photos had captions so that the reader could figure out the who, what, where and when?

    In the early 90s, just after Mac computers arrived in the Sun office, each newspaper section suddenly had different page layouts, different fonts, different colours, etc. An obvious sign of amateurs at work, (amateurs and children will use every crayon in the box until they understand what they're doing).

    Donato created/demanded consistency throughout the paper and only the art department could do multipage layouts. Page design was eventually fixed and the Sun had polished-looking pages. (Sidebar: remember when the Sun press dept. used to win international awards for page colour and photo reproduction?)

    Today, the Sun pages are a mishmash of design elements, confused colour, sloppy fonts and conflicting section fronts. It looks like each section and even some pages are being done without any regard to the rest of the paper.