Friday, 3 December 2010

Reader: Enough!

Add the Stratford Beacon-Herald to the list of Sun Media newspapers publishing letters to the editor critical of its content and, in this case, Quebecor's political agenda.

Ian Taylor Strafford writes:

"The front page headline on Saturday's Beacon Herald was not the dreadful economy or the dire situation in Korea, nor cholera in Haiti. Nope. It was that SUN NEWS (in upper case large font lettering) Gets Approval. Really!"

His letter continues with comments about Sun Media's CBC-bashing columnists and ends:

"I always enjoy reading the editorials by The Beacon Herald's editors. They are well written, very well balanced and rarely political. I'm fed up to my eye teeth wading through the murky mire of the QMI writers who fill page after page with bilious complaints about Liberals and liberals, not to mention those quasi Commie Dippers. But this past Friday's issue takes the cake."

The Stratford letter, along with recent letters in the London Free Press, Brantford Expositor and North Bay Nugget, reflect the loss of carefully packaged and balanced "community" news.


  1. Until readers take more drastic measures nothing will change. PKP thinks the average reader is too dumb to notice that he keeps pushing his political agenda in his papers.

    With Sun TV News coming I can bet newspapers will have even more corporate crap to run.

  2. Quebecor places little value on the reader, as it's all about the advertiser. There will be no changes as long as the advertising revenue is there.

    Look at the background of most of Quebecor's management. Most have a sales background and very few have an editorial background.

    Ultimately, advertisers, I think, will start to pull their ads from Quebecor newspapers. Heck, it's already happening. Quebecor will react, but by then it will be too late. The editorial talent is watered down and demoralized. Management has little experience with editorial content and little interest in trying to develop it.

  3. Last poster is spot on...unfortunately.

  4. This one came out of Port Elgin in early Nov. Published as well.

    ... I know the loss of my $1.50 a week will not make much of a dent in the paper's income, and so won't be an effective boycott, but since it's really the only way I can illustrate my continuing disappointment in the lowered editorial content (and the dismal proofreading which I won't get into) of the Shoreline Beacon, I will be buying the Owen Sound Sun Times to find my local news from now on."