Tuesday, 21 December 2010

EdSun EIC quits

The Edmonton Sun's revolving door is moving again, with editor in chief Jose Rodriguez calling it quits, says a TSF tipster.

Rodrigues, who has also been editor in chief of the Calgary Sun since January 2009, will continue as EIC in Calgary, says the tipster.

His exit is the 10th voluntary departure at the Edmonton Sun in recent months.


  1. Hey, does this one really count as a "voluntary departure?"

    I mean, the dude was handling two papers at once, right? All while living in Calgary?

    If he's still the EIC in Calgary, that tells me that running two newspapers was one newspaper too many and that the EdSun will likely go out and find an EIC of its own, no?

    Don't get me wrong - there's plenty of reasons to leave Sun Media and there's nothing wrong with keeping count. But I'm not if you've scored this one correctly.

  2. From Jose's Twitter feed (@joser403): to clarify, I have not quit as the Edmonton Sun EIC. edsun will get a new EIC in the new year and I will return to EIC job at calsun.

  3. Say what? You are not leaving Edmonton, but you are leaving Edmonton?

  4. It's a good thing he's only going to be EIC of one paper based on his answer. He's probably the reason why the others left Edmonton.

  5. That's a cheap shot, Anonymous. (Mmm, is that your real name?) I worked with Jose for many years and I'd go to war with him anytime then clink glasses when it's all over. Smart fellow, straight shooter, tireless worker, savvy newspaper man -- what's not to respect? Hey, I understand if you're frustrated with the direction Sun Media has gone but your casual slurring of a good man's reputation is a poorly aimed (and poorly judged) response.