Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Cheers for Christina

Anyone who has fought to keep aging parents together in a home for seniors no doubt stood to applaud Christina Blizzard for changing the frustrating system with one column about a couple married 66 years.

Christina, one of four remaining fulltime Toronto Sun Day Oners, knows the heart of the tabloid has, for decades, rested in stories and columns that help readers find comfort when dealing with bureaucratic red tape.

In this case, a couple married 66 years about to be forced by economics to live apart when common sense dictates they be together.

It is not the first time Christina's words have prompted swift action from government sources and made a difference in the lives of Sun readers.

And, as Mike Strobel knows after his successful column campaign for a new TTC stop at Variety Village, it doesn't get any better when your words do make a difference.

As have the positive reactions to causes taken on by Peter Worthington, Mark Bonokoski, Connie Woodcock and others past and present at 333.

That is a brand of tabloid fare readers embraced from the start in 1971.

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