Thursday, 21 April 2011

Robertson honours

Congrats to Toronto Sun vet Ian Robertson for picking up the 2010 Peel Regional Police media award for two features on the aftermath of  a horrific fatal street racing crash.

A Toronto Sun story say Robertson, 62, received the best print news feature award Tuesday night during a police board awards ceremony.

His award was for his January and March 2010 articles on a 2007 Peel street racing crash that killed two friends, Mariarossa Dalsass and Cynthia Dougherty

“I covered this story pretty extensively in trial, and met families of these two lovely women,” Robertson, a news vet with more than 23 years at the Sun, says in the Sun story.

It is Robertson’s second Peel police win in as many years.


  1. Congrats to my friend, Ian. But white pants before Victoria Day? :-)

    Here's where the Sun web site fails, yet again. Why are there no links to Ian's two winning feature articles? Couldn't anyone at Sun Media be bothered to do it properly? Do they even understand how/why the web works?

    Why doesn't the Sun's brand new Fatwire CMS auto-generate the links (other news sites can do this). There are so many mistakes with the new site software, you wonder why they .... oh wait ... TV is the priority now.

  2. Good point. Links have always been a trial for It is not rocket science, but staffing could be an issue.

    But here are the links to Ian's award winning stories.

    January 2010

    March 2010