Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Thumbs up .com

Aside from a few 404 error links and the awkward white space near the top of the home page, the new gets our thumbs up. 

And, with apologies to Roger Ebert, thumbs way up for the print/online return of the circular iconic Sun logo Andy Donato created prior to the launching of the Sun in 1971.

How appropriate in this 40th year of the tabloid.

The new finally blends text and photos/videos, one of our biggest beefs over the years, especially the lack of photos for cop desk stories about bank robbery suspects caught on camera. 

Every indexed story should have a photo or illustration. 

There are some glitches to fix and some polishing to do, but overall the new look is a favourable step forward for

That blank space at the top of the home page has got to go for the flow. Moving the weather to below the logo would do it.

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