Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Peter W show

While wading through several hours of new television yesterday, two favourites stood out - the Peter Worthington interview and some of the Charles Adler reports.

We'd PVR any segment involving Worthington, so hopefully he won't be a stranger to the latest sibling of the empire he helped launch almost 40 years ago.

Worthington has a vast array of stories to tell and while we don't agree with all of his political views, we always want more from his memory bank.   

Why not give him a daily or weekly capsule commentary slot, much like Andy Rooney's bit on 60 Minutes?

Enjoyed the Liberal party's election commercials.All is fair when it comes to ad dollars.

There could be more to watch once the new crew gets past the hoopla, but much of yesterday's chatty fare left us thinking about the lyrics of Everybody's Talking.

Everybody's talking at me
I don't hear a word they're saying
Only the echoes of my mind

And the echoes of my mind were asking where's the news in this new news venture?

Lots of gravy, not a lot of meat on Day One.


  1. I've been turned off by the new network because of how the Sun chain "just happened" to spend the last few months continually attacking the CBC, a competitor. Whether the attacks are warranted or not is beside the point - it really leaves a bad taste in my mouth, speaking as a 20-year veteran of the field.

  2. TSF, Please post a new topic on your thoughts on the Sun's new website... what a mess!

    The Toronto Sun web relaunch looks like Windows Phone 7, if Windows Phone 7 hated the CBC.

  3. I watched a bit of Ezra Levant and got so annoyed how he just kept going on about the "horrible" CBC that I switched stations. Hopefully it gets better or this could be just another big waste of money.