Thursday, 14 April 2011

EdSun turnover

The Edmonton Sun newsroom has experienced an almost 100% turnover in the past four years, notes a TSF reader.

Many of the troop movements have been in the past year as the 33-year-old tabloid  lost its seasoned reporters, columnists and photographers to other media and other walks of life.

Our TSF Edmonton Sun losses count was -13 a few months ago when TSF feeds went quiet. We figured the last of our sources were out the door.

But a former staffer is keeping an eye on the tabloid for us and in his update this week says  legislature beat reporter Frank Landry, "a Winnipeg Sun transplant who also served as Edmonton's city hall reporter, has quietly given his two-weeks notice and will begin a communications job with a post-secondary institution sometime next month."

Also - the Edmonton paper continues to be unable to fill the EIC position vacated by Graham Dalziel over six months ago. Word is no one's even applying.

"Basically, over the last four years the Edmonton newsroom has seen almost 100% turnover, save for Winnipeg transplant Cary Castagna, who remains a fitness columnist and night editor, and Max Maudie, former reporter who moved to the web side a few years ago."

Thanks for the update.


  1. Linda Williamson15 April 2011 at 08:51

    What about columnist Mindelle Jacobs? She's been there since the mid-to-late 90s and is still going strong.

  2. New EIC? They should look in Scotland.

  3. Just going over the contact list at the Edm Sun and if it's still accurate/current I can confirm that the following people were working there when I was there (81-99), some early in my career, others later.

    Donna Harker
    Tom Braid
    Mindy Jacobs
    Jeremy Loome
    Dave Cameron
    Murray Greig
    Con Griwkowsky
    Tony Blais
    Terry Jones
    Robert Tychkowski

    Graham Hicks has officially retired but he is still updating his Canoe blog with restaurant and theatre reviews.

    Mike Ross still contributes entertainment reviews (freelance?). A few others on the list may also be freelancing.

    Con Griwkowsky is probably the longest serving staffer I see on the list, I'm sure he predated me so he may have even started in the late 70's.

    There could be other long termers still there that I can't confirm since I've been gone over a decade and I've lost all my contacts.