Thursday, 28 April 2011

Michael Harris 2

Glen McGregor, the Ottawa Citizen's Talking Points blogger, a 2011 federal election notebook, devotes ample space to Sun Media/Quebecor on two fronts this week.

Reaction to PKP's Page 3 piece Wednesday is a given.

The other is the story behind the recent axing of Friday op-ed columnist Michael Harris, yet another Sun Media vet silenced in favour of a flock of reliable righters.

McGregor writes:

An award-winning journalist and novelist, Harris says he was told his column was dropped to make room for other voices.

He suspects, however, that a column he wrote on the eve of the election, titled  “Harper no longer on high moral ground,” might have lubricated his exit.

McGregor's piece includes a reply from Rick Gibbons, Ottawa Sun publisher, who told him column, what column?

"We ran Michael’s columns for many years and never had issue with his content."

It's, well, all these new columnists spawned by the Ottawa bureau/TV Event makeover that led to his exit after nine years with Sun Media. 

Making way for new voices, not negative words about Stephen Harper.

Do you think the "new voices" will write anything negative about Harper?


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