Thursday, 7 April 2011

Cross folks win

It didn't take long for Toronto Sun editors to realize readers didn't take dropping the New York Times crossword puzzle lightly. 

Once crossword fans realized the absence of the Times crossword on April 1 wasn't an April Fools joke, they started writing letters to the editor. 

To their credit, Sun editors quickly decided to reverse their decision and yesterday advised Mark Neilson, one of the letter writers "the Times crossword is coming back by the end of the week."

The letter:

About those crosswords ...

I was pleased to note your readership has risen in today’s difficult market. However, I was surprised to see you no longer carry the New York Times crossword puzzle. I assume this is some bright business idea for cost cutting, but the two daily crosswords and the brilliant editorials made your paper unique.

Mark Neilson

(Well then we hope you’ll think we’re brilliant again when we tell you that you are right, we goofed, the Times crossword is coming back by the end of the week)

Mission accomplished.

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