Friday, 29 April 2011

We get links

Updated 29/04/11

The latest links from TSF readers:

"Quite the spin on this one, I'll say," says a TSF reader. "They're using CTV News Channel and BNN for comparison, I don't even watch these channels. If I'm not mistaken, both CTV News Channel and BNN cannot be received over the air. (The Quebecor Venture) is available over the air, on cable and satellite. So the viewership should be much higher than the current ratings they are receiving."

"More crap from Sun Media, et al," writes a former Toronto Sun vet:

"Hi, thought you would find this blog interesting," writes a Niagara Region reader:

Interesting times . . .


  1. You guys need a 'like' button.

  2. The Sun Media article says about Sun TV: "If you look at our competition, in the case of some of them they've had a five-decade head start on us. And in the case of the CBC - the state broadcaster - they've got a billion dollars from the taxpayers, as well."

    Uh, SunTV is starting on the back of a four-decades-old, billion dollar news chain, which is part of a multi-billion dollar media company with two(?) decades worth of experience of TV broadcasting and TV production.

    So there's no excuse why 'The Shopping Channel' has better camera work, bigger and better sets, better lighting and better graphics than SunTV.

    Yes, as the Sun Media article suggested, the problem is money. But the real problem is not that Quebecor doesn't have any money, the problem is its mixed up priorities and its refusal to spend its money properly.

    PKP is *annually* spending a *minimum* of twice the money on the naming rights to a hockey arena than on its entire TV network. Nuff said?