Friday, 1 April 2011

More trimming

One day Sun Media is beating its chest and thanking all for a 33.1% hike in Toronto Sun readership, indicated in the 2010 NADbank survey.

The next day, it trims the tabloid's popular three-page Coffee Break spread to two pages, eliminating some of the comics, rearranging the Born on This Date feature and axing the New York Times crossword puzzle.

The four bargain-basement comic casualties are no great loss and the popular Born on This Date feature looks cramped in its new space, but the Sun should know better when it comes to messing with crossword fans.

Give readers a say and we're sure most would vote to deep-six the remaining six comics and bring back the N.Y. Times crossword to keep the L.A. Times crossword company.

So Sun Media's Coffee Break just got shorter. 

Perhaps they had to chop a page to have more advertising space to pay for the Coffee Break return of Eugenia Last's Horoscope column. Bye-bye Christine Davison.

Last first appeared in the Toronto Sun in 1983.

How often do you get the opportunity to type Last first?

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