Thursday, 28 April 2011

Freedom chatter

There has been a whole lotta jabbering about freedom of speech on that new Quebecor venture in the past week or so, but the talking heads surely can't be talking Sun Media freedoms.

Not when educated grown men and women quake in their shoes in fear of being fired for speaking their minds about the downturn of the chain in the past decade under Quebecor.

And not when respected columnists are fired, or have their columns spiked, over content that is not politically in line with the new breed of righty bully boys. 

Freedom of speech? Give us a break.


  1. About that new Quebecor venture and its talking heads: early numbers are out.

  2. Hahaha I love it! Let this station sink a slow and painful death. Hundreds of newspaper folks lost their jobs to help pay for PKP's pet project.

    Let it rot.

  3. Not sure where the post about Belleville's columnist Mallette went, but it's true. He WAS spiked for writing something vaguely referring to perceptions the mandatory slate of columnists have swerved way right. That's after 15-plus years writing his weekly column and constantly topping all reader surveys as the most-read writer on the op-ed page.