Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Election hotties

What to do when a federal election is such a bore? 

Well, QMI wants newspapers in the Sun Media chain to help spice it up with the names of local candidate hotties, guys and gals.

A TSF tipster sent us this QMI memo, with a CC to columnist Mike Strobel:

"Hi all

"Fun story for you all to potentially help with: Mike Strobel is working on a feature to be published Thursday to feature Canada¹s hottest federal election candidates (both guys AND gals). 

"Mike is tirelessly combing through websites and bios to do his own independent research, but could use the help of all newsrooms if there is a candidate in your riding, or area riding, who¹s not hard to look at and has even created a buzz for their particular symmetrical features and/or healthy proportions, please send Mike¹s way. He could use names by tomorrow night at the latest. 

"He can be reached at mike.strobel@sunmedia.ca


"Your friendly qmi help desk,


Leave it to Strobel to spice up the final days of the campaign.

No Sun Media points for suggesting Steve, Michael, Jack, Gilles or Elizabeth.  


  1. 1. It's already been done:

    2. Since when did an election where the Liberals and Bloc have imploded and the NDP has unprecedented popularity become 'boring'?

  2. *yawn* Can we get to some real election news?

    How about addressing PKP's "we received wrong information but ran it anyways so we're not the bad guy" spiel today?

  3. Didn't the Toronto Star also do this two weeks ago? Heaven forbid we should report on real election news: e.g. the invisible candidates, the NDP's best showing in 25 years, some Liberals quietly starting plans for a leadership convention because they've already assumed Ignatieff will not win, or maybe even the wacky campaign stunts some candidates have done.

    No, let's go for the low-hanging fruit because it's cheap and easy. Just surf through some web sites and steal pictures from them.

    Remember the days of Catherine Clark when we did a daily frock watch on her rather than real campaign coverage? Remember that the Toronto Sun actually requested specials from CP to get dress coverage of Ms Clark?