Saturday, 2 April 2011

Let's play ball

Never has the Toronto Sun devoted so much time, energy and space to a losing cause than it has with the Toronto Maple Leafs this season and numberous past seasons.

How about equal time, energy and space for the Toronto Blue Jays, who kicked off the 2011 season yesterday with a 13-3 win in front of a sold out, hometown crowd? 

Toronto's baseball fever was never more passionate than when the Toronto Sun's award-winning photographers were snapping front page Jays photos in the 1980s and 1990s.

The Boys of Summer never looked so good as they did on the front pages of the Sun.

The Toronto Sun has an enviable team of baseball writers -  Bob Elliott, Ken Fidlin, Bill Lankhof, Mike Rutsey - and a guest baseball column or two from Peter Worthington.

But the Sun's impressive sports department doesn't seem to have the same front page clout with the Jays these days. They are free to flog a perennial dead horse called the Leafs, but . . .
The Jays were winners in the hearts of fans last season, even though they did not win any pennants. They did Cito Gastin proud in wrapping up his Jays career as manager.

This year, new season, new manager and renewed hopes of a return to the glory of 1992 and 1993. Media-fanned hometown support will make a difference, especially for Sun readers.

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  1. Nobody cares about baseball. It's boring. Win or lose, Leafs own this town.