Monday, 18 April 2011

Rabble's Sun watch

Just when this Toronto Sun Family blog is winding down, up pops another Sun-related watchdog blog at

No doubt motivated by today's Event, (Sun) Media Watch promises to keep Canada's largest newspaper chain in check.

Today's announcement says:

"Welcome to's newest initiative - (Sun) Media Watch.

"Born out of necessity, driven by a passion for accuracy, fueled by a dedication to facts, (Sun) Media Watch is committed to dispelling myths perpetrated by ideologically driven reporters and sensationalist media; to correcting the misinformation presented as fact in their effort to further a particular agenda.

"Though we're starting off small,'s Media Watch aims to cover a wide range of media, from uninformed editorials to inaccurate reporting. At Media Watch, our team of dedicated spin decoders and lie detectors won't just point out misinformation, but will provide you with links to, and information about, the sources from which we cite the accurate information.

"Be it scientific data, peer reviewed research, documented fact or expert analysis, we'll give you the tools you need to further investigate the issue, should you so desire. And we invite you to share corrections you find that need correcting with us -- either by tweeting using #sunwatch hastag, or via email to sunwatch [@]

"They say you should never stare directly into The Sun - such wise advice, which Media Watch enthusiastically endorses. After all, unchecked political propaganda leads to ideological blindness."

Looking forward to another eye on Sun Media. 

Dedicated Sun watchdogs have come and gone. 

Toronto Sun Sucks hasn't been updated since September. 

Toronto Sun Cover Reviews has shifted its focus from covers to the federal election and hasn't critiqued a Sun front since January.

(We can't remember the last time the Globe and Mail of the Toronto Star had their media writers cover the Quebecor/Sun Media/Quebec Media/QMI/Osprey/Bowes machine.) 

TSF, in its fifth year, is wider in scope than the other blogs and has enjoyed lasting power thanks to all of its contributors and tipsters.

Our original intent was to support the troops at the flagship Toronto Sun following a Save Our Sun reunion in 1996. TSF grew from there.

The troops, the real estate and the morale are all much thinner today, but staffers across the chain still have a voice, anonymous as it is most of the time.

Our countdown matches the Toronto Sun's 40th anniversary countdown less than seven months away.

The Event unfolds today.

Rabble on.

It's a new frontier for divisive politics in Canada. Foxy style. 


  1. I read in the Globe that the Sun TV website isn't set up for live streaming.

    There's so many things wrong with that I won't even begin to list them... unbelievable.

  2. And in a true display of professionalism that is Sun News, they make their anchor Monday's Sunshine Girl.

    What's next, David Akin posing in a thong?