Monday, 4 April 2011

Is hell frozen?

Don't tell anyone in management, but a Florida newspaper is paying its reporters to sell ads.

Even in this rapidly changing media environment, there's one golden rule any news publication worth the paper its printed on still abides by: a strict wall between sales and editorial. Well, the Daytona Beach News-Journal has decided to offer bonuses to its editorial staff for selling advertisements and subscriptions. 

Yikes. So how much will editorial staffers make selling ads?

"Anyone selling a three-month subscription to the paper would get a $25 bonus, or $50 for a six-month subscription. Anyone selling $100 worth of advertising would get $50."

What are we up to now in the man department, for reporters, five-man? Reporter, photographer, videographer, on-air sound/video newscaster and ad salesman?

That could be six at some Sun Media newspapers where reporters are expected to do the office cleaning. 

Egos must be taking a beating with all of these new job descriptions.


  1. We'll be totally screwed when they start getting ad reps to write news stories and shooting news photos!

  2. Sales reps are also juggling a variety of responsibilities. They are now ad designers, processors, administrative assistants, accountants AND THEN sales people.

    In general, if you are employed ANYWHERE check your ego at the door before it gets crushed into tiny bits. If you feel that your job responsibilities are beneath you then brush the dust off your tiara and GET ANOTHER JOB!

  3. Front page hed: "Leon's offers terrific deals on chairs!!!" Do not think I have not had this conversation with ad directors at every newspaper I have edited. Every. Single. One.

    I also cannot find the word 'spiffing' in any standard dictionary. Plus can you fucking iexplain the procedural nightmare of reporters accepting pockets of cash from the people we are covering, especially when Sun sets up a quota system for how much money reporters are required to raise per shift? It takes me six months just to get a check for my mileage, and that's straightforward: kms X rate per km = $$. I can imagine trying to explain to Markham why I handed in $17 and the guy swears he gave me a $20.

    You're an idiot, 7:54, but I bet you hear that a lot.