Saturday, 16 April 2011

New Standard ME

Wendy Metcalfe, currently working at a newspaper in Scotland, has been hired as the new St. Catharines Standard managing editor. 

She will replace Andrea Kriluck, who is retiring May 27 after 31 years with the paper, including eight years as ME.

A Standard story says Metcalfe, a Canadian, is currently editor of the Greenock Telegraph and Inverclyde Extra, just outside of Glasgow.

Publisher Judy Bullis says  "her experience, energy and enthusiasm to spearhead the Standard and our regional direction will serve us and our community well."

The story says Metcalfe has worked for several newspapers in the UK, including Scotland's flagship national newspaper, the Daily Record.


  1. Such great news - not. No one at the Standard good enough for the job? No one in the Niagara Region? No one in the whole chain? They have to go to Scotland to hire? Just doesn't seem right. So many good Canadian journalists out of work and they can't get a job.
    This hire will just further demoralize and already demoralized staff. What chance to they have to advance in this company? I'd say none.
    But regardless, good luck to Wendy Metcalfe. Wish her well in her new job

  2. Daily Mirror - gossip tabloid? Strategic?

  3. With all the people let go due to cuts and with the loyal still left they yet again left the company for upper management jobs. I'm starting to think Niagara manages to embarrass the rest of sun media with it's idiotic moves.

  4. The job wasn't even posted. The cost of moving her is likely gonna cost someone their job.
    Rather than promoting someone, they'll probably hire a city editor from Bombay.