Thursday, 8 January 2009

New Sun boxes

The Toronto Sun's new complimentary boxes look small and cuddly sitting next to taller competitors.

A TSF reader snapped this gathering of freebee boxes at Yonge and Finch, steps from a TTC entrance.

Is this the Sun's future? Free for the taking to pump up circulation figures for the advertising dollar?

There is nothing wrong with free, but don't expect a commitment to competitive local news coverage.

Meanwhile, a source says Black Tuesday and the pending buyouts of seven senior newsroom staffers are not the end for changes.

"Apparently more big changes (are) coming for Sun Media in the near future, " says the source.

"Not sure what, but apparently majors changes. Rumours are: regionalized editions, with a few local pages, Life and national sports, will be common throughout the chain, as well as editorials.

"It's really too bad.

"CTV (did) this a few years ago in the smaller markets, now the lead news story in Sudbury is a pot on a stove fire from Timmins etc.

"It's not looking like a good year for Sun Media."


  1. Can anyone provide more detail about the regionalized rumours? I barely missed the last round of layoffs.

  2. Amusingly, just to the left here was an empty "24" box.

    As well, this is hardly somewhere a commuter from Finch would see the box. Its way out of the way for those at the bus stop there, and not exactly visible to those going to the subway.

    But it was still full today.

    I'm not sure if its good to take more than one to see if this throws of their "count"...or put a few in?

  3. Well, that box is now gone, replaced by a "full pay" box, as of last week.