Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Adler's nation

A memorable line from the movie 2010 came to mind the other day when Quebecor advised media of a happening in Winnipeg scheduled for Wednesday.

"Something wonderful is about the happen."

The happening in Winnipeg was the unveiling of Canadian talk show host Charles Adler as the newest member of the Sun News team.

But a few hours before yesterday's big announcement, Sun News leader Kory Teneycke suddenly resigned and jumped off the Fox News North bandwagon.

Talk about raining on someone's parade.

A Canadian Press story says: Charles Adler has signed as an anchor for an evening Winnipeg-based show that will air if Quebecor Media's planned Sun TV news network goes on air next year.

Adler told reporters while he is right-leaning, he's not a "unabomber" radical extremist.

The talk show host - heard weekday afternoons on Toronto's AM640 - is no stranger to Sun Media. Toronto Sun staffers, including Lorrie Goldstein and Joe Warmington, have been guests numerous times in recent years.

He says he won't be giving up his day job, which is probably a good decision. The road to a Sun News license has been rocky and controversial and we're still a month away from a CRTC hearing.

Sun columnists have been talking about a Jan. 1 Sun News launch as if it is a done deal. That arrogance can partly be blamed for rumours of a backroom deal involving Kory's ties to the prime minister's office.

Meanwhile, Peter Worthington nailed it in a weekend column when he said the proposed national TV channel needs a new logo that will distance itself from Sun Media's existing TV station.

"I’d argue that first: Get a new logo.

"The present logo is associated in the minds of many with Sun TV’s heavy reliance on re-runs and stuff from the archives - old Hitchcock movies repeated again and again, and programs like Super Dave comedy, and the Dear John sitcom, all of which may be nostalgic but are hardly cutting edge.

"A new logo might better prepare viewers for the 'hard news, straight talk' promises - the present logo is a reminder of ancient reruns."

That is the kind of positive thinking the Fox News North team needs to get out from under the recent name calling and questionable tactics.

Another face-saving proposal worth considering comes from media commentator M.J. Murphy in a blog posting at The Mark.

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  1. The other current Sun Media logo (with the yellow line along the top) reminds me of Canwest's ironically Islamic-styled Crescent logo of the past mid-decade when their Post newspaper was a financial mess and so were their E-crap forced to fail former TV stations.
    Sun should consider sticking with its TV/newspaper circle logo. It still projects a respected brand tradition including that recent comfort food channel lineup.