Friday, 10 September 2010

Re bottom line

A posted comment re our Bottom line blues item:

"All of this is disheartening. When I first came across this site I was pleased. It was uplifting to find a community that still cared about standards in the newspaper industry. Unfortunately, I think the contributors to this site are voices crying out in the wilderness.

"There was a time when industry 'leaders' listened to the voice in the wilderness, because it was their job to so. Now, industry 'leaders' are only interested in bonuses and pay packages.

"I haven't worked in the newspaper industry as long as many - I have only worked in it for around 20 years. In the past two decades, however, I have witnessed a distinct decline in standards in the industry as a whole.

"I have sat at board meetings where senior executives have been more interested in the quality of the food that was served than the business being discussed. I have seen exceptional employees tucked into quiet corners and incompetent ass-kissers promoted. I have seen the exodus of talent and witnessed quality newspapers turned into glorified flyer carriers.

"Some bright and rising stars left in disgust to work in other industries. They are the ones who are smiling. Those who remained at their posts were rewarded with layoffs or were forced to see the newspapers they worked at and had pride in turned into cat litter box liners.

"I'm not sure how much longer I can remain in an industry that is being systemically cannibalized by delusional management. I can only hope that an industry 'leader' finally comes along that is willing to listen to the voices crying out in the wilderness."

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