Monday, 27 September 2010

Robin's farewell

Robin Anderson, former advice columnist and Robin's Eye View columnist, bid farewell to Sunday Sun readers yesterday. 

She writes:

"I have been very lucky in that I was allowed to remain on my soap box a bit longer once I was finished with the advice column. That said, this will be my last Robin’s Eye View printed across the nation. I want to thank Sun Media, and all the readers who have supported me on my journey over the past year and a half."

Robin doesn't say why it was her final column, whether it is was the two-time cancer survivor's  decision, or she is yet another columnist to be shown the door.

But it is safe to say readers who appreciated her daily advice and her Sunday columns will miss her presence in the papers.

All the best Robin and let TSF know when your blog is up and running.


  1. She left on her own, as far as I can remember from what was sent out by the company.

  2. All I will say is the decision was not mine. Thank you for the support, and I will definitely let you know when the blog is up.

  3. Also, very curious to know exactly what "was sent out by the company."

  4. The new blog is up, and I'm in the process of writing my first piece. The blog addy is

    It is still "Robin's Eye View" but somehow the domain name got changed in the creation process, so working on getting it back to the original. Come by for a visit!