Sunday, 19 September 2010

Atwood in Sun

Resurfacing after three months of Tory Kory bullying and name calling, the Toronto Sun regains some of its old shine today with a guest op-ed column by Margaret Atwood.

Atwood was given the opportunity to clear the air on the recent, and very public, Fox News North boondoggle and does so in detail.

That is the Sun we admire.

The Sun used to be known as a tabloid that didn't take itself seriously. Irreverent is a word most often used.

Kory took himself and Sun Media too seriously and it had a largely negative impact on Ottawa staffers and the chain's image.

The mood he created online and in print was as far from the spirit of the 62 former Telegram employees who launched the Sun on Nov. 1, 1971, as you could get.

And it no doubt left a bitter taste in the mouths of the thousands of dedicated Sun people who followed.

The firings, name calling and threatened legal actions certainly weren't Doug Creighton's cup of tea.

The only question now centres on whether the Sun's new columnist, Ezra Levant, is as loose a cannon as Tory Kory. Will yesterday's Sun Media retraction satisfy George Soros?

Stay tuned.


  1. Whether Margaret Atwood's guest column was damage control, a response to a legal request, or just an olive branch, it is nice to see that someone at Sun Media has the good grace to let the "other side" have a say.

  2. Sun Media's defamation of both Soros and Atwood (and its the subsequent apology to Soros) was picked up by US media and US media watchdogs including the Columbia Journalism Review. PKP must be so proud. The Soros lawsuit still seems to be a go.