Sunday 12 September 2010

Tab it up?

Word that Quebecor management has told editors of the six Sun Media tabloids to "tab it up" has a former Toronto Sun vet fuming.

"What a bunch of bullshit," says the former staffer. "The Toronto Sun was THE tab in Canada and it spawned. Why? Because it had great people. You just can't 'tab it up.' It needs talent.

"Which, of course, is why the modern day Suns can't 'tab it up' and won't. Quebecor got rid of all the talent."

Exactly. During the first three decades of the Toronto Sun, management had a knack of hiring tab-friendly editors, including a few Brits. The chemistry was sweet and the Sun shone daily.

That newsroom magic went poof when the pros were fired, laid off or were quick to take buyouts to flee the Quebecor chaos at 333.

PKP might have improved the bottom line with staff cuts, but he squandered what made the Toronto Sun unique - its gifted tab talent. A wildly successful formula began hemorrhaging.

Numerous front pages this year have left Sun vets befuddled and that reflects the lack of tab experience. Three consecutive Rob Ford fronts? A bit much.

Meanwhile, just how tabby will the tabs get?

Does Quebecor's "tab it up" mean British tab, with topless SUNshine Girls and oodles of cops and robbers front pages?

Or crime-dominated Quebec tabs of old?

Stay tuned.


  1. PKP actually cares about his newspapers? Yeah right.

    He probably just means he wants more Tab cola ads in the paper or he's a big fan of the Hamilton Ticats.. Go Tabbies!

  2. Bob Rae/Ian Davey item

  3. More layoffs at the Peterborough Examiner Monday. Gone are a reporter and an editor.

  4. Best thing to do is get rid of tabs completely and focus on real news and real issues. Not Lady Gaga and other worthless sensationalized crap. Signed a former employee, who was embarrassed to be affiliated with that whole style of crap journalism.

  5. "Quebecor got rid of all the talent."

    Pretty damn insulting to those of us who still have jobs at the tabs. Nice way to talk about your "family."