Thursday, 9 September 2010

Greg & Tom

It seems Greg Weston and Tom Clark have something in common - leaving Sun Media and CTV respectively were not their decisions.

Toronto Star blogger Susan Delacourt says from Ottawa: "It wasn't his (Clark's) idea to leave CTV or the show (Power Play), for that matter."

And, ta dum, the twist.

One of the first guests on Power Play sans Clark on Tuesday? Greg Weston, who was shown the door in the Big Sweep in June.

Says Delacourt: "Many here in the press gallery are hoping that Clark and Weston get picked up ASAP to resume their excellent journalism - where it left off last June."

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  1. No way Weston was with the Sun for 35 years. He joined Sun Media about 10 years ago (the idea of then Ottawa Sun EIC and now publisher Rick Gibbons). Weston was an author/freelancer before that and was with the Ottawa Citizen (Southam>Hollinger>Canwest) as a columnist and Hill scribe for many years before that.