Saturday, 25 September 2010

Whig keeper

The Sun Media feel good story of the month was Ian Elliot's widely-publicized account of a nine-year-old Kingston boy planning a garage sale to buy a cemetery marker for his father.

The Kingston Whig-Standard's initial story prompted a Toronto gravestone company to donate a tombstone, but the sale of Blake McGinness' toys continued as scheduled today, with proceeds going to the Hospital for Sick Children.

A trust fund in Blake's name was also set up.

Teach your children well. Blake's father did.

Elsewhere in the news today, Rob Ford's picture was on the front page of the Toronto Sun for the fifth time this month. Yawn.

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  1. Well, at least Ford is a Toronto story.

    This Sunday's Sun was one of the worst I've read for quite some time. I did check, and yes, this was the TORONTO Sun.

    Total non-sports or charity related TORONTO news stories: one.

    I'm serious. ONE Toronto-related news story (a fire downtown). While I think the feature emphasis on wounded vets is important, and of course the editorial columns were top notch, there is nothing to hide the fact that this was almost entirely a non-local news newspaper.

    Datelines from all around the world, but other than a federal government photo op one page two and the story about a fire on page three, nothing that would be recognized as local news.