Friday, 3 September 2010

Lockout weekly

Updated re Montreal Gazette story
Three cheers for locked out Journal de Montreal employees who have decided to publish a print edition weekly newspaper.

A CBC News story today says about 50,000 copies of the 48-page tabloid will be published every Thursday beginning in October.

The Montreal Gazette says the French-language print edition will be called Rue Frontenac.

The 253 Journal employees, locked out by Quebecor since Jan. 24, 2009, have been hosting an online newspaper, Rue Frontenac, but not a print edition.

Taking it to the streets - as Journal de Quebec lockout/strike employees did for 16 months with the free weekday tabloid MediaMatin - is more visible to readers and advertisers.

If mediated talks fail to end the 19-month dispute, the new independent weekly could grow into a competitive daily.

That's how Poppa Pierre got his start in print in Montreal and Quebec City when Montreal's La Presse and Quebec City's Le Soleil were on strike.

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  1. 19 months speak volumes of PKP's attitude of labour.

    What company these days have a lockout for that long?