Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Alberta cuts

Updated re a buyout, a retirement, new appointment?
The Grande Prairie Daily Herald-Tribune in Alberta is losing its group publisher and associate publisher, says a TSF tipster.

"Doug Hare, the associate publisher is gone today," says the tipster. "He started as a paper delivery boy. He was publisher at the Wetaskiwin Times for a long time as well."

Kent Keebaugh, senior group publisher for the Sun/Bowes papers, has also been given his papers, says the tipster.

"He is done at the end of the month."

Meanwhile, other TSF readers say no "papers" involved here. They say Hare accepted a buyout and Keebaugh is retiring.

Amber Ogilvie is the new senior group publisher, northern Alberta, and publisher of the Herald-Tribune, says a tipster.

In 2006, Ogilvie, a 15-year Sun Media vet, was appointed publisher of 24 Hours Vancouver. She was previously publisher of the Stratford Beacon Herald for six years.

A 2006 press release said Ogilvie had also served as senior group publisher for Sun Media's central Ontario division.


  1. An announcement has been sent out this afternoon and Amber Ogilvie is the new Senior Group Publisher, Northern Alberta and Publisher of Grande Prairie Herald Tribune.

    Doug Hare (associated publisher) requested a package. He wasn't given his papers.

  2. No "papers" for Kent. Other way around. He's retiring October 1. Replacement TBA.

  3. Imagine if you will, a company that asks for employee dedication. they in turn ask advertisers and readers to be dedicated to them as well. Then as the economy starts to rebound they fire, or re-allocate resources overseas, to India. Wonder what local hardworking Canadian business owners will say when they find out jobs are leaving Canada? Can't imagine them being so supportive to Sun Media anymore. Hope the pagination centres and call centres are unionized, on second thought maybe the only thing keeping those jobs in Canada is that they are not! I think this is the Twilight Zone, it has to be.

  4. Kent Keebaugh announced his retirement. That's the official story.