Monday, 20 September 2010

Terry Fox

Thousands of people have thousands of stories to tell about encounters with Terry Fox, who remains a cancer-fighting Canadian icon three decades after his death.

One of our favourites - aside from a 15-minute interview with Terry in the rain on the side of the highway in Quebec, followed by an all-time favourite handshake - is about Darryl Sittler's friendship with Terry.

Sittler, a former Toronto Maple Leafs captain and an idol of the one-legged runner from British Columbia, again recalled his time with Terry in an interview with the Toronto Sun's Lance Hornby.

The Fox-Sittler moment in time is a story we'll never tire of hearing or reading.

What a special time it was for both of them, especially for Terry, who had run through much of Quebec alone on the side of the road, with little fanfare and wondering how he would be received in Ontario.

We all know how Ontario - and a guy named Sittler - welcomed Terry.

Great read, Lance.

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