Sunday, 12 September 2010

Wiki whacker

Updated re TSF reader adding John Downing
Thanks to a TSF reader, we have pinned down the date of a major Toronto Sun alumni list trimming on Wikipedia for reasons that are baffling.

Many of the names mentioned as absent in the previous TSF posting were listed July 24, but deleted Aug. 12.

The edit tag line reads: 19:22, 12 August 2010 DGG (talk | contribs) (13,037 bytes) (Sun alumni: removing those without Wikipedia articles, unless obviously notable.) (undo)

Those deleted include Gary Dunford. Mr. Page 6 isn't notable? John Downing, a Day Oner, former editor and columnist. Not notable? Jerry Gladman, late, great columnist. Not notable?

Other names deleted: McKenzie Porter, Ed Monteith, Hartley Steward, Joan Sutton, J. Douglas MacFarlane, Valerie Gibson and numerous other Sun vets.

What an insult.

So who is DGG and how did he/she determine who is "obviously notable" in the history of the flagship Sun? Is he/she fresh out of school? Working from a cliquish PKP approval list?

We'd suggest DGG read up on the history of the Toronto Sun before reducing the likes of JDM, Dunford, Steward, Sutton and others to alumni who are not "obviously notable."

The list as of July 24 should be restored. Work from there to provide "articles," if that is what it takes to recognize all of the men and women who helped make the tabloid a success.

A TSF reader writes:

"There already is a Wikipedia page for John Downing, so I added his name to the alumni list. Anyone can edit Wikipedia to update the pages with info."


  1. Rather than complaining about it, restore the list. Anyone can change Wikipedia.

    Creating a WikiPage for each Gary Dunford, John Downing and Jerry Gladman should also be done. I'm sure there are enough people who read TSF that could supply enough info about each to make each WikiPage relevant and informative so that those who think they're notable learn why they're notable.

    That's what Wikipedia is for.

  2. Does Glenn Garnett have a first name beginning with "D"?

  3. there already is a wikipedia page for John Downing so I added his name to the alumni list.. anyone can edit wikipedia to update the pages with info