Thursday, 23 September 2010

TorSun outgunned

Was the Toronto Sun the only Sun Media tabloid to be humiliated by Wednesday's false front ad?

What is surprising is the Toronto Sun submitted this false front to Newseum for its global front pages instead of the legitimate front.

Edmonton didn't submit a front page to Newseum, so we're not sure if it also had a false front.

Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg submitted fronts relevant to the news of the day, but we're not sure if they had false fronts but chose not to send them to Newseum.

If TSF readers in other tab cities can let us know if their Suns also had false fronts, it would be appreciated. If Toronto was on its own, why subject the largest circulation tabloid in the chain to self-mutilation? Is the ad money worth selling out the front page?

This is what global Newseum visitors saw for Calgary, Ottawa and Winnipeg:


  1. That false front just looks...horrible. I don't even know what they are advertising.

    "What do you get when you work 24/7 for your clients?"

    Answer: A convenience store.

  2. I don't think the Ottawa Sun has ever had a false front. If they have, there haven't been very many.

    The one false front I can remember involved Pam Anderson on the cover. :-)

  3. Edmonton didn't have one on this particular issue. They've had them before.