Saturday, 11 September 2010

Short shorts

If you have lost track of the various Canadian media conglomerates and what they own, this Reuters summary will help get you back on track. What we need now is a list of all independent media outlets, especially the print publications popping up.

An Eric Margolis 9/11 blog posting at Huffington Post has been pulled. Online surfers looking for a Thursday story titled Will We Ever Learn The Truth About 9/11? are told: Editor's Note: This post violated our blogger guidelines, so it has been removed.

The Ottawa Sun is looking for a comment editor, with a Sept. 17 application deadline. One of the required qualifications: "Writing a minimum of three editorials a week that are consistent with the editorial tone and stance of the newspaper." Liberals need not apply.

Ellin Bessner, a Centennial College journalism teacher, knew a common question at the start of a new semester would be about J-jobs. So she scanned popular job websites and "found about 450 job postings . . . before I stopped counting!" Her blog posting.

Sun Media launched its revamped 24 Hours across the chain on Tuesday. "Nowhere will these enhancements be more evident than in Toronto where the daily 24 Hours edition is distributed in full-gloss," says a press release. Any feedback on the major facelift?

Toronto Sun Family is a recommended Toronto blog on Tripbase Review. The site's summary reads: "A candid look behind the scenes of one of the city's most popular papers. Worth visiting regularly and of particular interest to residents or those interested in the publishing/journalism industry." Many thanks. We are blushing.


  1. Thanks for shouting out about my "there are journalism jobs" 450 + before I stopped counting post. I will subscribe to your blog to keep up to speed on the goings on at the Sun. Cheers.
    Ellin Bessner

  2. And get this: Kory Teneycke resigns from Sun TV News. No lie.