Saturday, 11 September 2010

Wacky Wiki

Keepers of the Toronto Sun alumni list on Wikipedia have removed this blogger's name.

Was it something we said?

But seriously, selective memories are keeping numerous Sun alumni off of the list and we are wondering if that can be remedied.

Most of the people responsible for the success of the Little Paper That Grew have left 333 and many of their names are not listed.

The alumni/alumnae newsroom list should include these currently omitted names: Hartley Steward, Gary Dunford, John Downing, Jerry Gladman, Kathy Brooks, Gord Stimmell, Mike Burke-Gaffney, Ian Harvey, Len Fortune, Al Cairns, Hugh Wesley, Ed Monteith, J.D. MacFarlane, McKenzie Porter, Bob Pennington, Valerie Gibson, Scott Morrison, Percy Rowe and many more.

Some say Wikipedia and accuracy are strangers, but if people are turning to the site to learn about the history of the flagship Sun Media tabloid, the alumni list should be more respectful of the men and women who helped make it all happen.

With the Toronto Sun's 39th anniversary coming up on Nov. 1, perhaps Wiki can get it right in time for the tabloid's milestone 40th anniversary.

Meanwhile, what are the criteria for making the Wiki list? Are more volunteers needed to do a proper job?

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  1. There are no 'keepers' of the Wiki, nor is there an overseeing editorial Wiki that is responsible or cares. If the names are gone it's because a user has removed them. Check the revision history of the page if you want to see who did it.