Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Alberta squeeze

Just when you think the Quebecor squeeze is done and there is little left to squeeze, another Sun Media paper takes a hit.

TSF received this tip today:

"I just caught wind that they are closing the Grande Prairie Daily Herald Tribune composing department. Some people have been there for 17 years.

"A while ago, they laid off half of the composing department in Leduc and now all composing is to be done in the Edmonton office.

"Thought you guys would wanna know."

Thanks. What is the body count?


  1. Sorry to see more downsizing.
    Anyone know what has happened in Peterborough, Ont. recently? I've heard rumblings about centralization of pagination, but haven't heard anything about a body count from editorial.

  2. There was a huge lay off and they cut 2 publications last year @ the DHT, but people have left and they have not replaced the bodies that have left. They laid off the Circulation Manager a few months ago too.

  3. In Peterborough we just learned we're losing our retail advertising manager to Cobourg and they won't be replacing the position. It's a loss as he's been the glue in the dept for quite a while. PK takes away one more bucket that's been keeping the ship afloat.

  4. 10 people laid off in Leduc. 3 transferred to Edmonton. Most of the ads going to India.

  5. Peterborough Examiner started centralization of pagination a couple of weeks ago. No jobs cut yet but they will be coming with 5 editors there. Don't need all those bodies when students/graphic artist graduates are willing to do it working for bare minimum.

  6. Circulation Manager is gone. left or fired, not sure.

  7. Staff were told the position was "abolished".