Monday, 2 February 2009

2 ENT thanks

Two quick thanks to the Sunday Sun people who package ENT.

(1) John Kryk's full page tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, killed in their prime in a Feb. 3, 1959, Iowa plane crash. It was, indeed, The Day the Music Died for us teens caught up in the early years of rock 'n' roll.

As John writes: "Such a travesty, such a waste."

Weeks earlier, this blogster was watching Buddy, Ritchie and J.P. perform at Alan Freed's Christmas Jubilee rock and roll extravaganza at the Paramount Theatre in New York City.

Seventeen top rock stars of the day for $4.50 general seating. From such a high to such a low.

They weren't the last rock stars to die prematurely, but their deaths remain the most traumatic. It was, for teens of the era, another lesson in the fickleness of life. The sudden death of actor James Dean in a car crash on Sept. 30, 1955, was the first.

The Des Moines Register remembers Feb. 3, 1959, in this video:

Another ENT thanks:

(2) The new Sunday Sun TV grid, for all of us who were left out in the cold after the Sun banished the TV guide for all but home delivery subscribers.

It needs a little polishing, but after going without the TV guide for months in the boondocks, it helps fill the Sunday TV grid void.

Do you think you could work it so Bill Harris and his television page could be opposite the Sunday TV grid?

Just asking.

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