Wednesday, 4 February 2009

WBZ & LeVeille

Power to the people isn't a cliche anymore for fired all-night Boston talk show host Steve LeVeille.

Thousands of E-mails to WBZ, numerous petitions and Internet sites set up after the popular talk show host was dropped last month have prompted the radio station to reverse its decision.

LeVeille has returned to his old midnight to 5 a.m. slot, much to the delight of faithful listeners throughout the northeast U.S. and parts of Canada.

Now that is supporting your favourite pink-slipped media people.

Kudos to WBZ for listening to the protests. We are confident that, much like Sun Media, they underestimated Steve's popularity when making cuts.

Steve's fans no doubt voiced their dissatisfaction with WBZ by tuning out. Sun readers who are losing favourites are turning off.

How would Sun readers might have reacted if they were immediately told their favourites were being laid off or forced into retirement with buyouts?

Would they have petitioned for the return of Linda Leatherdale, Scott Morrison, Jane Stevenson, Bill Brioux, Valerie Gibson, John Downing and others?

That won't happen with Sun Media's veil of silence, but we're pleased the power of the people has Steve, his unique gathering of regular callers and unique banter returning to WBZ.

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