Friday, 20 February 2009

A royal visit

Yo, Steve, you did Canada proud yesterday.

Oops, we momentarily slipped into the disrespectful speech mode of George W.


Prime Minister Stephen Harper, you did Canada proud yesterday during the first official visit of U.S. President Barack Obama.

Obama did not disappoint his Canadian fans. He went out of his way to recognize the large contingent of supporters on his arrival.

Guiding Harper into the light to wave to the chilled, but wildly enthusiastic, crowd was a classy, respectful gesture.

We'll forgive Obama for the brief slip at the opening of the press conference, when he started to say Iowa instead of Ottawa. The man does have a lot on his plate.

Obama and Harper were informative and articulate during the press conference.

Some YouTubers later wondered why Harper was sometimes speaking in French.

One AP clip on YouTube had "Ottowa" in its description.

And our erratic 680News kept interrupting the press conference and bowed out before it was over. (We later caught up to the full press conference on YouTube.)

But back to the positive side of the day.

The people person that Obama is, his spontaneous visit to Ottawa's Byward Market on his way to the airport, to the delight of hundreds of customers and workers, sealed the deal.

Obama, sworn in one month ago today, is our man, but sadly, not our leader.

What an uplifting sight, watching these two leaders in their 40s speaking positive thoughts about the future.

Such a refreshing change from eight years of whatshisname.


  1. I changed my panties three times yesterday and I'm not even a fan. You and the rest of the media probably had to buy new washing machines.

  2. Honestly, to say we'd prefer Obama over Harper says less about our PM as a leader and more about how shallow we are to want style over substance.

    But for a country obsessed with AMERICAN Idol, I guess that's what you get. Shame.

  3. "whatshisname" kept our country safe since 9/11.
    He is a decent, God-fearing man, and is now out of your gun sights. In the months and years to come, if you are honest, you will come to regret his absence.