Saturday, 14 February 2009

Re Andy Donato

If you are experiencing Andy Donato editorial cartoon withdrawal, you are not alone.

Donato and his bird have been relegated to Sundays only while he vacations in the sunny south this winter.

In previous years, Donato was happy to provide cartoons daily while on vacation, but for reasons the not-so-wise men in management haven't explained, he has been benched weekdays this year.

Donato, an award winning Day Oner, probably doesn't mind having more time to golf and to paint his much-in-demand landscapes.

But WTF, Donato on Sundays only during January, February and March sucks big time for Sun readers. It's the same old more for less b.s. from 333.

Donato, who marked his 40th year of editorial cartoons last year, is one of the few remaining major players at the Toronto Sun.

Benching him weekdays is baffling, but then we are talking about current management working in the shadow of PKP making decisions that make no sense to employees and readers.

Hurry back, Andy. Nobody does it better.

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